Wednesday, April 14, 2021


What is RPZ backflow testing? Let the plumbing experts at All Home Plumbing of Chattanooga give you a quick tutorial. Chattanooga plumbing systems are generally designed to keep water at a specific pressure so that it flows normally. Now, if the pressure falls, contaminated groundwater could enter your system, leading to a potentially serious issue known as backflow.

The conditions that can result in a backflow problem may include –

1.  A main break causing the water pressure to drop suddenly.

2.  Fluctuations in the city water main could occur.

3.  It is possible that the fire department may have to tap into a hydrant.

In order to keep this type of backflow from occurring, an RPZ valve must be installed to protect your Chattanooga area home or office water supply. The backflow technician at All Home Plumbing has been certified since the last century. For the experience you rely on call All Home Plumbing at (423) 598-1466. Visit their website

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

What is Sewer Jetting?

It may not be dinner table conversation, but when your Chattanooga area home or business is in need it sure is nice to know that this method exists. Here is a quick explanation.  Sewer jetting is a method of cleaning out sewers and drain lines by using high-pressure water streams through very specialized jetting nozzles to dislodge and clear out any obstructions.

Overall, there are a multitude of materials that can block and cause damage to your sewer lines. They range from oils, mud, sludge, and tree roots among other things that are all commonly found clogging sewers. There are a variety of machines that can tackle these jobs, but sewer jetting remains one of the easiest and safest methods of cleaning out sewer and drain lines.

Sewer jetting of Chattanooga’s clogged lines is one of the many specialties of All Home Plumbing. They are adept at cleaning out pipes in your home or business and getting you back up and running. For more details on the many services All Home Plumbing provides in the Chattanooga area just take a gander at Call them at (423) 598-1466.

Monday, March 15, 2021

Time for a New Shower.

That sounds like a great idea for your Chattanooga area home, doesn’t it? Learning how to install a shower surround directly to wall studs is a project many DIY homeowners in the area may think they can do themselves, but think twice. Panels formed as a single moulded unit fit in the bathtub or shower enclosure and are typically used in new construction.

The other type of shower panels, that are often used in bathroom renovations, come as individual panels that connect together and attach to the wall which will form a watertight seal. Of course, you must remove the old shower to make room. You must also pre-fit the shower and mark then drill holes for the valves. That is only the beginning!

Do you want it done perfectly and guaranteed the first time? Then trust the Chattanooga professional shower installers at All Home Plumbing. There are many, many plumbing services that All Home provides. To see them, just visit on the web. Call them when you are ready at (423) 598-1466.

Monday, March 1, 2021

Spring Weather is Sump Pump Weather.

Chattanooga area weather is unpredictable. It can go from sunshine to pouring rain in an instant. Now is the time to prepare your home for an influx of water. For homeowners that have been down that path before, they know that water damage is no joke. A couple of rainy days could lead to thousands of dollars in repairs and restorations.

Here are some tips to prepare your sump pump for spring –

1.  Check around the base for debris.

2.  The float switch detects when the water level gets too high.

3.  Inspect the check valve located on the discharge line.

4.  Thoroughly clean the inlet screen.

5.  Make sure the power cord is not damaged in some way.

Better yet, call the Chattanooga sump pump repair and replacement professionals at All Home Plumbing. Now THAT makes a lot of sense! The plumbers at All Home will check and repair your sump pump before heavy spring rains hit the Chattanooga area. Call All Home Plumbing at (423) 598-1466 and visit on the web.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Replacing a Bathtub…No Easy Feat!

So, you have spent more time soaking in your bathtub over the last year…many of us have. Now you feel that it is time to replace that old tub with a brand new one. In the beginning, someone must measure your current bathtub around the shower walls. This will help you select the right size tub for your space.

Here are just some of the additional steps –

1.  Turn off all the water to the house.

2.  Disconnect the overflow cover and the drain flange.

3.  The tub must be disconnected from the wall.

4.  Dispose of the old tub.

Stop right there! We have already described steps BEFORE we have even installed your new bathtub. That is the reason to call All Home Plumbing first. All Home Plumbing is Chattanooga’s professional bathtub installer. Discover for yourself when you google Call them today at (423) 598-1466.

Monday, February 1, 2021

Tank vs. Tankless.

It may sound like a titanic battle between two wrestlers, but in this case, it is the battle of the water heaters. Every home and business in the Chattanooga area needs one. What if we told you that you could get the same amount of hot water from a water heater the size of a carry-on suitcase and save maybe three figures a year on your utility bill?

Tankless water heaters, which are also often called on-demand water heaters, produce hot water ONLY when you turn on the faucet, start a cycle on the washing machine, switch on the dishwasher, or in any other way call for hot water. They are as impressive as they are efficient and maybe it is time for one in your home!

Check us out for prices and installation of both traditional and tankless water heaters in Chattanooga and the surrounding area. Google It is just one of the many services that we provide. If your water heater is ten years old or older it is time to give us a call at All Home Plumbing that’s (423) 598-1466.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

How to Prevent Backflow.

Backflow refers to the reversal of the flow of water. When it comes to problems with plumbing in your Chattanooga area home, a backflow problem is one of the most serious because it can lead to water contamination AND cause a huge mess! It occurs when downstream pressure from a contaminated source becomes greater than the main source of water.

Here are a couple of reasons why backflow results –

1.  Downstream pressure increases when heat expands from boilers

2.  Potable water pressure is decreased by a factor such as a break in the main water line.

Regardless of the cause of the problem, All Home Plumbing of Chattanooga will fix it! All Home Plumbing addresses any and all backflow dilemmas that occur in Chattanooga area homes and businesses. Hopefully, you have heard of them…if not just google (simple, huh?) then call anytime at (423) 598-1466.