Wednesday, October 14, 2020

It Starts with a Drip and Ends with a Gush.

With winter advancing in the Chattanooga area, freezing is known as a major cause of burst pipes in our homes and offices. Among other things, installation issues, physical damage, and rust can all cause holes on a pipe. It really does not take much. Even the tiniest leak can ruin the floor, damage the drywall, and lead to many more damages that can be costly to repair.

Here are some signs of a busted water pipe –

1.  The water pressure changes noticeably

2.  When water marks are visible on a wall

3.  There is even standing water in places

4.  The water gives off a foul odor and/or is discolored

5.  You hear strange sounds when you turn on a faucet

All of these and even more are sure signs that you have pipe or pipes in your Chattanooga area home that either have burst or are on the verge of it. Wait no longer! Contact the water pipe repair team at All Home Plumbing. You can always visit them on the internet at Give them a call at (423) 598-1466.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

How Often Should your Home’s Water Heater be Inspected.

As with many other things, Autumn is a great time when you are headed indoors for six months or so. Water heaters can not be diminished in importance. They are used in our Chattanooga area home, office, or industry. In the home, such uses include cooking, bathing, cleaning, and space heating…and, of course, hot water delivery.

It is important to schedule water heater maintenance for specific time periods. The first check should center around observing the plumbing joints for excessive or unusual corrosion. The water supply should be checked by turning on a nearby hot water tap and listening for any unusual sounds.

Water heater check-ups, maintenance, and replacement are the purview of All Home Plumbing and its master plumber/owner since the turn of the century. Before you call us for water heater maintenance or any plumbing emergency you can visit us at Please don’t hesitate to call us at (423) 598-1466.