Friday, July 15, 2022

Repair or Replace…That is the Question.

When your home’s water heater starts to go bad, the question abounds…should you have it repaired or replaced? A water heater in a Chattanooga home that receives regular maintenance and prompt repairs when necessary can last for many years. That is the first priority of All Home Plumbing of Chattanooga.

Here are things to know when your water heater is about to “give up the ghost” – 


1. Age is a huge factor.

2. There is a lower and lower volume of hot water.

3. Are your heating bills going up?

4. Corrosion is clearly visible around the base.

5. There is a reddish, discolored tint to the water.

The plumbers at All Home Plumbing in Chattanooga are trained to know when to repair and when to replace. The important thing is that they will not try to sell you a new unit unless it is absolutely necessary! If your water heater is about a decade old, and is acting up, call All Home Plumbing at (423) 598-1466. For more information see

Friday, July 1, 2022

Is Your Water Supply Safe?

There is a reason why your backflow system needs to be inspected once a year…it’s safety! You cannot afford to have contaminated water and chemicals coming into your Chattanooga area home. All Home Plumbing is the correct team to call to have your system checked and certified in the Chattanooga area.

RPZ testers are used by All Home’s pros. What is RPZ testing? Quite simply it measures the pressure between two points. A backflow prevention device prevents chemicals or pesticides from entering the water system and causing contamination. By the way, do not worry for one second that All Home Plumbing will try to sell you a “bill of goods”.

The professional plumbers at All Home Plumbing in Chattanooga have tested hundreds of backflow systems, and they will shoot you straight. This summer, call All Home Plumbing to have your backflow system tested for peace of mind in the coming year. Call (423) 598-1466. See all of All Home Plumbing’s prowess at