Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The Speed of a Jet.

Rather impressive, isn’t it?  Just what is sewer jetting?  When your plumbing that is acting up you find yourself dealing with a seemingly endless string of clogs.   Do you live in an older home in the Chattanooga area with an aging plumbing system?  If only there were some way to restore your pipes and keep them clean into the future. Luckily, we have the technology.

That technology is called sewer jetting.  It is an innovative method plumbers use to maintain the health of the plumbing system and to completely clear out the inside of pipes - even stubborn and hazardous main line clogs.  Plumbing snakes and chemical treatments in many cases are only temporary fixes.  Enter the sewer jet!

When you have a tough plumbing problem (especially in your older Chattanooga area home) call on the sewer jetting experts at All Home Plumbing.  When drains are clogging, All Home Plumbing is your best friend.  Visit their website at to see all that they do to solve your plumbing problems.  Then call (423) 598-1466.     

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

That Good ‘Ol Reliable Plunger.

A plunger might seem basic, but it may still be the best way to unclog your toilet!  Every household should not be without one, and preferably a plunger with a flange, as these work the best to unclog toilets.  Flat plungers actually work better for drains and showers if you are trying to unclog one of them.

If that fails, then the fun stuff begins –

1.  Baking soda and vinegar…pee yew!
2.  A wet/dry vac.  Don’t try this with a regular vacuum.
3.  Chemicals.  They can damage plumbing and create burns.
4.  Call a plumber.  Still the most reliable and easiest way to unclog a stubborn toilet.

Unclogging a pesky toilet in your Chattanooga area home should be an easy project, but it rarely is…plus it can grow worse over time if you just “plunge” it.  The sure, long term solution is to call the toilet repair experts in the Chattanooga area.  That would be All Home Plumbing.  Don’t become knee-deep in heaven knows what!  Call (423) 598-1466.    

Veterans Day observances in Chattanooga honor those who served

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Find out some of the special ways in which Chattanoogans will say thanks and honor veterans from Friday through Monday, Nov. 8-11.