Monday, December 11, 2023

Christmas in Chattanooga.

It’s special, and All Home Plumbing wants you to know about just one of the attractions we all enjoy here in Chattanooga. It’s called The Trail of Lights. This is one of the things that make holiday time special. This holiday feature showcases major points of interest and millions (yes, millions!) of twinkling lights.

All Home Plumbing wants to remind you that there are things that will enchant visitors and locals as well. There are so many holiday events, food of all imaginable types, shopping, live music, and even a Santa sighting. There is a lot to take in.

All Home Plumbing of Chattanooga hopes that you will enjoy our city to the fullest this time of year. In 2024 All Home Plumbing will be there for any plumbing emergency or maintenance that you may need. That’s the way it has been around here for 20 years.

Friday, December 1, 2023

A Plumber you can Trust.

Do you need a plumber in the Chattanooga area you can trust? You can always count on All Home Plumbing of Chattanooga. Home and business owners of this area have been trusting All Home Plumbing for more than 20 years. They have earned that reputation!

Maybe you need a plumbing contractor in Chattanooga, they are the answer. For plumbing service from a licensed professional, you make that call to All Home Plumbing. It doesn’t matter if you have a leaky faucet or need an all-home repiping, you’ve called the right place.

All Home Plumbing of Chattanooga has been proud to serve the area for over 20 years. They enter 2023 with a commitment to serving all of you in the area who have a plumbing emergency or maintenance work. Just give All Home Plumbing a call and see for yourself.

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Tank vs. Tankless.

The decision as to whether you should have a traditional tank water heater or a tankless one can leave you dumbfounded. Call the knowledgeable plumbers at All Home Plumbing of Chattanooga to help you with that decision.

Every home or business in the Chattanooga area needs one or the other. Which one is right for you? For example, tankless water heaters produce hot water on demand…ONLY when you call for hot water in your home or office. Start there!

All Home Plumbing of Chattanooga wants you to be a better-informed consumer of plumbing services and products. Tank vs. tankless water heaters is just one of those things. Count on the pros from All Home Plumbing, serving the Chattanooga area with more than 20 years of experience.

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Sump Pump Repair in Chattanooga.

Is it time to repair or replace your sump pump in your Chattanooga home? It may have given you years of peace of mind, but maybe its time has come. When a sump pump starts acting up, or is just simply old, call the plumbers at All Home Plumbing of Chattanooga. They will render an experienced opinion on repair or replacement.

It doesn’t matter what type of pump it is. It could be a sewage pump, a grinder pump, even an entire flood control system, the answer is always All Home Plumbing of Chattanooga. Our area has many peaks and valleys, and a hard-working sump pump is essential.

All Home Plumbing has earned its name over the last two decades. It means that ANYWHERE there is a plumbing problem (emergency or maintenance) in your Chattanooga residence the first name you should think of is All Home Plumbing…for ALL of your home plumbing needs!

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Kitchen Remodeling in Chattanooga.

Is it time for a kitchen remodeling for your Chattanooga home? It is a great time of year for that as your family heads indoors for the next several months. When you need someone to install a kitchen sink, garbage disposal, or a dishwasher, look no further than All Home Plumbing of Chattanooga.

Kitchen remodeling may include several plumbing activities. All Home Plumbing can even install new fixtures in your Chattanooga kitchen. Don’t forget, you will need a plumber to connect your refrigerator and other lines. Their master plumber has over 20 years of experience in such skills.

All Home Plumbing of Chattanooga is perfectly named. Their plumbing pros perform experienced plumbing service for your home! When you are specifically looking for a plumber to do kitchen remodeling you can’t do better in the Chattanooga area than All Home Plumbing. Call them today to get the project started.

Monday, October 2, 2023

Need to Replace a Water Line in Chattanooga?

If you have lived in the Chattanooga area long enough, you know that the ground is about to get harder as winter approaches. That means it will be more difficult to replace a broken water line beneath your home. Repiping is one of the many services that have been perfected by All Home Plumbing of Chattanooga.

Here are some warning signs of a broken water line -

1. Suddenly your tap water is not as clear as it once was.

2. The water bill has continued to go up.


3. Water pressure is lower.

4. You may notice puddles on the floor.

When a water line is about to cause a major problem, it is time to call All Home Plumbing of Chattanooga. They will quickly get out to your home to fix that growing problem. When you notice any of the above signs, call All Home Plumbing at (423) 598-1466.

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Installing Above Ground Plumbing in Chattanooga.

Licensed plumbers are highly qualified to do special tasks. In the Chattanooga area, All Home Plumbing is one of the very best. Installing above ground plumbing is one of those tasks where mistakes must not be tolerated!

In the “above-ground” phase of their job, All Home Plumbing will -

1. Hang pipes to attach the appliances.

2. Use welding tools to attach those pipes.

3. Be “masters” of any other tools needed for the job.

When you have any task that requires plumbing expertise you know that you can rely on All Home Plumbing of Chattanooga. Call (423) 598-1466 for your plumbing needs.

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Wrap Up Summer 2023 on a High Note!

Labor Day is around the corner. Don't let the last long weekend of summer pass you by without marking the occasion. Whether you're looking for something to do near you or are ready for a road trip, we have plenty of ideas for you to consider. Visit and end summer on a high note!

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Water Line Repair.

Replacing a broken water line beneath your Chattanooga area home is much more expensive than repairing a cracked one. No surprise there. The important thing is to catch the problem before it becomes a catastrophe! Doing that job should be trusted to the professionals at All Home Plumbing of Chattanooga.

Here are some of the things to look for before it’s too late -

1. Wet spots…even pools forming in your front yard.

2. Actual sinkholes have formed.

3. Rust in your water.

4. Higher water bills.

This time of year it is fortunate when you discover a cracked pipe because the ground is not frozen. When and if you notice any of the above signs call All Home Plumbing of Chattanooga immediately! All Home Plumbing will send out their professional technicians to repair your water line as swiftly as possible. Just call (423) 598-1466. Visit to see all of the plumbing services they have to offer.

Friday, July 14, 2023

Gas vs. Electric.

Water heaters are made for gas or electricity. Knowing the difference may help you to make an informed decision when it is time to replace yours. The knowledgeable water heater professionals are just a phone call away at All Home Plumbing, serving the Chattanooga area. Call them before you decide.

Electric water heaters are generally more efficient. However, gas water heaters tend to be less costly to run. Gas releases more waste into the environment…you should be aware of that. When it comes to cost, a gas or an electric water heater are similar in price. Again, the plumbing pros at All Home Plumbing will answer all of your questions. 

It is all rather simple. When you know it is time to replace your Chattanooga area home’s water heater you simply start by calling All Home Plumbing at (423) 598-1466. If you need more information about the company, visit

Monday, July 3, 2023

What Exactly is Repiping?

We begin with a simple definition. Repiping means to replace the pipes in your home or business. It involves a complete replacement of your Chattanooga area home’s water supply system. A qualified repiping plumber will remove the older (readily accessible) piping and replace it. That is exactly what Chattanooga repiping expert All Home Plumbing does.

Here are some of the steps -

1. All of the painstaking prep work must be done.

2. Don’t rush it! It may take more than one day.

3. When it’s done, all the work needs to be ensured, and insured.

Repiping a home is a precise job for the plumbing team at All Home Plumbing of Chattanooga. Be it emergency plumbing or routine maintenance, All Home Plumbing is always the right choice in the Chattanooga area. See all their great work at Make sure to call this phone number (423) 598-1466 for dependable craftsmanship.

Monday, June 12, 2023

Kitchen Remodeling.

Are you planning on using your Chattanooga area kitchen this summer…and beyond? That is a rather foolish question. Of course, you are! For those of you who have lived in your home for more than a minute, there is All Home Plumbing of Chattanooga to assist you in updating your kitchen to keep up with your family! Give them a call and start there.

All Home Plumbing will install new fixtures, up to and including a brand new sink. Before you know it, you will barely recognize the room where you spend hours of time each week. Perhaps you simply need a dishwasher, or a new refrigerator hooked up. All Home Plumbing of Chattanooga is the place to call!

You see, All Home Plumbing puts its expertise in their name. Whenever you need a plumbing job at your home or office you should call All Home Plumbing of Chattanooga. Call this phone number (423) 598-1466. You are bound to find plenty of work for their professional plumbers to perform. Just look them up on the web at

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Expecting a Busy Summer in the Kitchen?

This summer might be particularly busy in your Chattanooga home’s kitchen. People come to visit, kids run around during a break from school, or maybe it’s just that time. Whatever the reason, you have decided to let a licensed plumber help remodel your kitchen. You can do no better than to call All Home Plumbing of Chattanooga.

Here are some of the steps that the All Home Plumbing pros will take -

1.  Carefully tear out what needs to be removed.

2.  Haul in the new appliances.

3.  Putting them in exactly the right place.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Try it yourself! Better yet, call the plumbing company who has done this work hundreds of times. Call All Home Plumbing of Chattanooga at (423) 598-1466. The plumbing work on your kitchen in the Chattanooga area will be done professionally and guaranteed. They do so many things. Check them out at