Monday, May 13, 2019

How Old is your Home?

Have you gradually taken the infrastructure of your home for granted as the years have gone by?  Many Chattanooga area homeowners can forget how old their homes are getting.  Just as an example, a home built in the mid-1960s is now more than 50 years old, and houses of that age can often present a host of headaches!

Galvanized piping can often be a culprit.  They are found in –

1.  Pipe bellies
2.  Sewer lines
3.  Drains
4.  Any original fixtures

The point here is that your home may need some “plumbing TLC” about now.  For that, it starts with a phone call to All Home Plumbing the Chattanooga area’s complete plumbing service professionals.  No matter what the age of your home, plumbing emergencies will rear their ugly head from time-to-time.  Always call All Home Plumbing at (423) 598-1466.    

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Grinding Away.

Have you ever heard of a grinder pump?  What is a grinder sump pump, anyway?  It is defined as a wastewater conveyance device.   Once the wastewater inside the tank reaches a specific level, voila…the pump turns on, grinds up the waste, and then harmlessly pumps it into the central sewer system or septic tank.

Just so you know, there are two types of grinder pumps, semi-positive displacement (SPD) and centrifugal.  The pump that is used for households around Chattanooga is usually between one and two horsepower.  The pump has a level sensor either built into the pump, called “sensing bells,” or attached externally to the pump, called “floats.”

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a sump pump expert because WE ARE!  We are All Home Plumbing located in Chattanooga and serving the area for many years with a variety of plumbing needs.  We specialize in residential repair and installation.  For sump pumps and many other plumbing needs call us at All Home Plumbing (423) 598-1466.   

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Nightfall's 32nd Season Every Friday night, May 3 - August 30

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One of Chattanooga’s most widely recognized and attended programs is the seasonal Nightfall concert series, which celebrates its 32nd season this year.