Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Labor Day Weekend in Chattanooga

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"Labor Day marks that time of the year when summer starts to wind down and fall becomes the star of the show. But before swinging into autumn, it’s the perfect time to make a last stand on the warm weather."


Monday, August 20, 2018

Things to Do in Chattanooga

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"Chattanooga offers an incredible combination of breathtaking scenic beauty, revitalized riverfront; 13-mile paved Riverwalk scattered with attractions, parks, restaurants and riverboats; outdoor adventures, rich history, numerous accommodations, restaurants to please every palate, thriving arts scene, shopping and many annual events that provide plenty of year-round fun."

Your Garbage Disposal is Screaming Hallelujah!

That would get your attention, wouldn’t it?  The truth is your garbage disposal has probably taken quite a beating this summer with the kids out of school.  Heaven only knows what they may have put down there the last couple of months.  Now, something may be stuck in there or the unit may be humming.

Of course, you are aware that garbage disposals, like any other frequently used kitchen appliances, require occasional repairs and maintenance to ensure proper functioning.  If something is stuck inside you may need to grab a flashlight, an Allen wrench, or something called a jam wrench.

Better yet, if you live in the Chattanooga area grab your phone and call All Home Plumbing.  They will come to your kitchen and reliably repair or replace your garbage disposal.  Address the problem today!  Call Hixon’s and the Chattanooga area’s professional plumbing company.  That’s All Home Plumbing at (423) 598-1466.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Why Hire Someone who is Licensed and Bonded.

These words are bandied about all the time.  They are used so much that we may come to ignore them, or not think that they are all that important.  When a plumber is licensed and bonded what exactly does that mean?  You may be able to get a job done cheaper by a weekend plumber, but the consequences may be dire!

The difference between licensed and unlicensed is huge.  Let’s bring it down to basics.  A plumbing license is essentially a certificate that a plumber has sufficient education and training – and legal permission – to offer plumbing services in your state (or states).  It also means that the plumber is accountable to the regulatory board that issues the license.

Is it worth a few extra dollars to keep from wading through water up to your knees?  You bet it is!  That’s why any plumbing job in the Chattanooga area is in capable hands when you hire Josh and his team at All Home Plumbing.  Call the office in Hixon for reliable repairs from a firm that is proud to be licensed and bonded.  Keep the number handy (423) 598-1466.